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End of year address

End of Year address.


As I stand in front of you now, the end of the school year approaches.  We should use this time wisely to reflect on what we have achieved together over the last year, term, weeks and days.  Those Outstanding moments, the break through moments….the times when that difficult task that has eluded us all year suddenly becomes easier, more ‘doable’.  With the Y6’s sat behind me you can see the outcome of 7 years hard work from all of the people in this room, you the parents, the staff and of course most importantly the children themselves. 


Y6, everyone in this room will treasure the memories that they have of you; the times you have made them laugh or cry; shocked or surprised us.  I know I will treasure the fun times we have spent together, the moments when you have made me laugh out loud. I have found you to be truly inspirational.  Our Y6 children this year have grown and developed significantly and I have seen them mature as they prepare for the next step in their learning and that tells me that we have all done our job - this is how it should be.


Year 6, this is your day. Your families are very proud of you, the staff are proud of you and this school is very proud of you.  You have been an impressive group of pupils, you are lovely people each and everyone of you. Some of you have been here since Year R some of you not so long, yet each one of you has added something special to this school. HBT is a richer place because of the presence of each one of you and the contribution you have made to the rest of the pupils and the school as a whole. A famous lady by the Name of Maya Angelou said ‘I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ And you have made us feel so proud of you!  We have watched as you have lived out Christian values right in front of our eyes, humility, courage, respect, faith, devotion, honesty and most importantly care and love.

As you move on to your senior schools, think of all the things you have done here, whether it was representing the school in a sports team, singing in a choir, performing in a drama production or playing an instrument in a concert. All of these things are an important part of your education and a special part of growing up. 

Academically you have been an excellent year. You have continued the tradition of the past years with an excellent achievement and something that we at HBT school are immensely proud of.



God teaches us that in darkness to look towards the light, the light that Jesus offers.  The light that secures faith love and happiness in us all.


There are times in any year of work where things can become tough for all of us.  That moment where a friendship becomes strained, a tough task that needs to be completed or a difficult decision that needs to be made.  What is important is that we learn from these times and demonstrate perseverance in order to see that time through.  Positive thinking and an open heart will help us through these times.  It will also allow others to see that we might be dealing with something tough and allow them the chance to offer us help and support.


This is the advice that I would offer you Y6 as you leave us to start the next stage in your education.  Embrace it.  Enter your new school with positive thought, an open heart and perseverance.  And always remember that the love you have felt from us here at HBT will go with you throughout your life.


From the heart I thank you for the time we have spent together and offer you love and good luck for the future.  We will miss you.  To the rest of the school, staff and parent body, I thank you for your support and energy this year and I look forward to our next year with excitement and enthusiasm.  I wish you all a lovely summer break.


Mr B-M