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At Hurstbourne Tarrant Church of England Primary School children have been taught using an integrated creative curriculum over the last few years. As a result of the new 2014 National Curriculum, the integrated curriculum has been reviewed and updated ensuring that each child meets all the new requirements whilst remaining skills based using our Learning Toolbox that focuses on: independence, collaboration, communication, perseverance, confidence and reflection.   The school curriculum is underpinned by the development of thinking skills (Higher Order Thinking) referenced to Bloom’s Taxonomy.   As well as remembering and understanding facts and key concepts, we want our children to apply their understanding by using information in new situations. Our curriculum also allows children to analyse their learning by drawing conclusions among ideas.   We want our children to evaluate what is said or written by taking a stand or decision and justify this position. Finally, our curriculum enables children to produce new or original work.

For more detail about each topic, please look at the Class Pages where you find our what your child will be learning each half term.

Curriculum Principles

Long Term Overview for Religious Education