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Through the teaching of mathematics here at Hurstbourne Tarrant CE Primary School, we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to attempt calculations and problems with confidence in all areas of mathematics.  We work hard to make the subject purposeful and relevant, ensuring children have the opportunity to see mathematical links across the curriculum. We enjoy using our fantastic school grounds to bring maths to life for our pupils and promote both risk taking and a 'have a go' approach based on the school’s Learning Toolbox skills of: Collaboration, Communication, Confidence, Independence, Perseverance and Reflection.




Maths, across the school, is taught through a ‘teach, practise, apply’ approach that encourages and develops the children’s confidence and reasoning skills of the basic concepts. The need to demonstrate deep understanding of maths ideas through the use of quality explanations and reasons is a key part of our teaching and the children are taught to apply their mathematical understanding across other subjects, including Science and Design Technology.  Our teaching begins with the use of concrete objects and then pictures and images before moving onto more abstract understanding when the children are ready. Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of ideas, with rapid and accurate fluency of these, and the ability to reason about the problems that have been solved.