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Governor Profiles

Scroll down to enjoy the excellent pictures of the governors, all drawn by children at our school ... 

Mr Dee is automatically a governor by virtue of his position (also known as 'ex officio') as he is the Head Teacher.  Mr Price is our staff governor.

Penny Lewis (Vice Chair)


As a parent of a Year 1 child, I was excited to join the school governors last year at the start of my daughter’s school journey. I was attracted to the role out of genuine curiosity for the behind-the-scenes workings of a school and an interest in learning more about the school politics. But more importantly than this, I am very keen to be actively involved in maintaining and improving the educational outcomes for both HBT Primary and its pupils and to support the development of both the school and the children’s learning. As children are in the education system for the majority of their childhood, a great primary school is essential in providing them with a strong education grounding and paving the way for their onward learning journey. I am looking forward to being part of the team that can help shape this journey for the benefit of every child passing through the school on their journey to achieving their learning and development goals. I am a Registered Nurse and throughout my nursing career I have become an accomplished team worker, a critical thinker and have developed my communication skills within a range of clinical settings. I

hope that this personal toolbox will be useful within the governor role. On a personal level, taking on the challenge of school governor will enable me to further both my personal and professional development whilst hopefully having a positive impact on the strategic direction of both the school and the children’s future education.

(Thank you to Harper, aged almost 6, for the brilliant portrait of her mum)

Rob Perry


As a parent of a child in Year 3 and with another child due to start in 2023, the school will be a huge part of our family’s life for the next few years. I have only ever been impressed with every aspect of the school and I want to do my best to ensure that parents of current and future pupils feel the same. I am a serving police officer and interested and involved in contemporary issues around safeguarding. I will aim to ensure our school is ahead of the curve with any developing issues in this area. I’m also passionate about the importance of sport and movement in early years and I will hope to bring my experience and enthusiasm to the role of governor.

(Thank you to Jack, aged 8, for the picture - an excellent likeness of his dad!)

Ian Morris


Living a stone’s throw from the school, with children in Autumn and Winter classes, the school continues to be very much a huge part of our life.  In my capacity as co-opted governor I hope I can give something back to a wonderful school, with amazing staff and a unique connection between children, staff and parents. Attending the Resources Committee, I will draw on my professional experience in financial services to help the school leadership team navigate the challenges of increasingly constrained budgets. I will also work proactively to identify alternative models to resource management that will target funds towards empowering the staff and enhancing the enjoyment and learning journey of every child at school.


Kate Walbyoff


I moved to the village over 10 years ago and, while never having been involved in the school previously, the rhythm of the school year has been very much evident in my experience of the village. After learning that I had decided to step down from a weekly volunteering role at a young people’s charity in Andover where I’d been for 6 years Mims Edwards (Chair) suggested I consider a role on the governing body. With 4 infant and junior teachers in my family, including a father-in-law who was a head teacher of a junior school in his time, it is somewhat daunting to take on a role in the education environment, although I hope that my professional experience in transformation projects and programme management may be of some benefit to the governing and teaching teams.

Joanne Ray

I joined the Governing Board in March 2022 and I looking forward to helping the school maintain its role as a thriving and high achieving part of our wonderful community.  I have lived in Hurstbourne Tarrant for twenty-eight years and have seen it develop in so many ways.
I worked in education for 14 years and I was a governor at Harrow Way School in Andover for 18 years.  During this time the governors help steer the school from special measures to where it is today.  This experience taught me that a focussed and hardworking governing body is key to a school’s success.  I believe Hurstbourne Tarrant School is in a unique position inspiring children to love and respect our beautiful village whilst maximising their own learning and personal achievements.  I hope I can play an active role to guide and facilitate this.


Rev Julie Howell

I have always had a strong faith, being a youth leader, involved in various Church initiatives in Reading where I grew up, and an active church community member.  Having started my working career in engineering, working all over the world in places such as India and Singapore, opportunities presented themselves for me to explore a more public ministry, and through the discernment process, I was accepted to train as a minister in 2016.  I was a paid pastoral assistant, then licensed by the Bishop of Reading, and once accepted to train for ordained ministry, I studied for 2 years in Oxford.  My first post was Wash Common and Newbury, before moving to Hurstbourne Tarrant to join the Pastrow Family in September 2022.

I love engaging with the local schools, and it fascinates me how the children's spirituality changes as they grow up.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than meeting and talking to people, walking around the village and getting to know everyone.

I am already enjoying my role as a school governor, which comes as part of the package of being a rural vicar.  The children are an absolute joy, full of fun and cheekiness, as well as responsive and engaging when I take collective worship sessions.  I enjoy working with the school staff to continue the excellent RE curriculum already in place, and was delighted with the SIAMS (Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools) result at Easter (2023)


Alastair Clifton

I moved to HBT in 2019 and as a father of three children, with one currently at Hurstbourne and one due to start next year, I know how important it is to get the very best primary education. Hurstbourne Tarrant Primary School does just that and I am honoured to be a Parent Governor, supporting Mr Dee, the other governors and the wider school community develop their REACH agenda. 

The school already delivers excellent education and pastoral care, and I want to help ensure this continues and that the children get the very best education, and the leadership gets the best possible support from the governors.