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From the Head Teacher, Mr Dee


Dear Parents

Welcome to our school.  The staff, governors and I welcome you to our friendly, happy school. 
Choosing a school for your child is such an important decision and we hope that by visiting us and reading about the activities and learning experiences that happen here, you will feel that Hurstbourne Tarrant Church of England Primary School is a friendly, caring, family community, committed to achievement and sharing in the successes of each individual in our care.  At the heart of our school  is our Christian Vision that embodies our core Christian Values.

Christian Vision for Hurstbourne Tarrant Church of England Primary School.


Through our Christian values of Respect, Honesty, Care and Love, we aim to ensure that our school is a place which enables children to fulfil their journey together in mutual respect within an environment that enables children to have a positive purpose in life being true to themselves and others.

With our core Christian Values of Respect, Honesty, Care and Love within our school's vision, we pride ourselves on our inclusive, warm and family feeling school.  The curriculum here is bright, lively and creative.  We believe in giving children a ‘hands on’ approach to learning where children are allowed to experiment and experience activities to inspire them to find out more.  The staff work very closely together to ensure a joined up thinking approach and to ensure high standards, through quality first teaching and learning experiences across the primary years. We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and believe that our children deserve the very best as they start their learning journey with us.
We are proud of our excellent reputation in the community, our fantastic pupils and our caring staff. The school is situated on a beautiful site with extensive playing areas.
An important part of our ethos is to value the partnership we have with parents as we believe that working closely together enables your child to benefit fully from school. We hope that you are able to visit our school to see us in action and to get a real feel of what it is like to be a learner with us.
Please do contact the school office to make an appointment for a guided tour. Should you have any further questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to discuss these.
We look forward to sharing in your child’s education in the future.


  Gareth Dee


‘Love of Learning, Love of Life’

We want Hurstbourne Tarrant C of E Primary School to be a place recognised for its forward thinking approach to education, where children receive a well rounded education and make at least expected progress.  

  • A place where each member of our school community feels valued and cared for, with each person’s individual strengths recognised. 
  • A place where our core Christian values of Respect, Honesty, Care and Love are recognised and developed in those of the faith, and those who are open to the faith.

We want our school to be a place where people work and play alongside each other happily and harmoniously.
We would like Hurstbourne Tarrant to boast a stunning internal and external environment where focused learning, creativity and fun are the basis of the exciting curriculum.
We want people to comment on how they ‘always enjoy visiting our school’.

Our School has 5 Ethos Values - REACH.  3 of these are core Christian values which represent us as Church of England (Controlled) Primary School.

Respect -  In our school we will be polite, think about how others feel and show respect for everyone and everything.
Effort - In our school we will always try our best.
Aim High - In our school we will aim high and set ourselves new challenges
Care and Love - In our school we will care and love ourselves, each other and our environment!
Honesty - In our school we will be honest with one another in our work and play


We encourage all of our children to reach for the stars!


Alongside these we also have a learning toolbox which are a set of skills that will help us achieve in all of these areas as well as allowing us all to be prepared for our future lives.  They are:


To co-operate together with others, communicating ideas and information, to accomplish a shared goal.







 Being able to say what you want or need.
 Knowing who and how to ask for help.
 Being able to listen to others.
 Communicate appropriately in different situations.
 Using manners and being polite.
 Visual communication – body language.




Keep on trying even though things might be difficult.
Try all the ways you know to solve the problem.
Know when and who to ask for help.
Complete the task and see things through to the end.
Practice makes perfect!


Someone who can think for themselves, is organised, self reliant and knows when and where to get help.







If you looked in the mirror what skills would you see?
Am I proud of what I have achieved?
Have I done my best?
How can I improve it?
Was this a good choice?
Who can I ask for help?


To show confidence you demonstrate the ability to have self belief in your own ideas or actions without worrying about failure.