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Design Technology



It is the intent of Hurstbourne Tarrant CE Primary School for Design Technology to be taught in all year groups in an inspiring, engaging and practical nature, which is meaningful in context.  Design Technology projects are taught as part of our topic based curriculum, linking to other subjects. Design Technology in our school allows pupils to design and create products that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, interests or preferences.




  • Teachers have an understanding of the skills that are needed to be taught for a purpose
  • Children are required to work through the process of design, make and evaluate in each project  - each unit will consider the user, purpose, functionality, design decisions, innovation and  authenticity of the project children are being asked to undertake
  • Risk taking is encouraged in Design Technology as well as being resourceful, innovative and enterprising
  • Children are given high quality and engaging opportunities to work as individuals, part of a group and a whole class, focusing on the skills and knowledge of Design Technology that is suitable for their age and stage
  • Design Technology is monitored by the subject leader, headteacher and governors throughout the year in the form of observations and pupil interviews to discuss learning and understanding - establishing the impact of the teaching taking place

Design Technology Implementation at Hurstbourne Tarrant



  • Formative ongoing assessment show achievement and progression of skills and knowledge. We aim for this to be aspirational whilst supporting all pupils in the design and technology skills
  • Children are able to use their Learning Toolbox skills to problem solve and use perseverance in their practical work
  • Children are given the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their own work as part of the design and make process