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Welcome to the resources page for all things 'wellbeing' to help support children, parents and staff.


We are currently building this page (February 2023) so will be adding more to it.



5 top tips to get our children thinking positively

5 Ways to Great Wellbeing

Research tells us these five simple ways can make a big difference to our happiness and help build our confidence and resilience.

It’s a bit like the well-being equivalent to ‘five fruit and vegetables a day’. Go on, try and build these simple actions into everyday life!


   1.  Connect


• Take time to talk about feelings and listen

• Talk about your day at mealtimes with your family

• Find activities you can enjoy together as a family

• Encourage yourself to see friends outside of school rather than by phone or online


   2.  Be active


• Go for a walk, run, skip, cycle, swim, dance – whatever you enjoy, indoors or outdoors

• Find a local group sport or activity you can join

• Exercise is a mood booster and a great way to feel good


   3.  Take notice 


 • Go to a park, woodland, the seaside or even a different part of Basingstoke so you can enjoy different environments in our diverse town.

• Notice how you are feeling and how you can process your emotions in a positive way


   4.  Keep learning


• Learning isn’t just for school. Read read ‘just for fun’

• Get your parents/carers to pass on skills like cooking, sewing, model making, photography and DIY so you learn some valuable life skills


   5.  Give


• Be kind, share and show interest in others

• Do something nice for a friend, family member or charity