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History - Run!Here come the Vikings!

3 Easy Puppet Crafts For Kids To Make

Check out these amazing puppet crafts to boost kids' creativity and imagination! This video will show you 3 easy to make puppets, mostly animal shaped that t...

Viking Weaving - Weaving Fabric The Old Way: Warp Weighted Loom

Weaving FabricWeaving Fabric The Old Way: Warp Weighted Loom The Old Way: How A Warp Weighted Loom can allow you to weave (almost) any width of fabric. One of the ways that we learn new skills is to attend re-enactor events. This is one of the MANY arts and crafts skills taught at these events.

Viking Invasion Map

Why Were Vikings So Much Better At Fighting?

What made vikings so much better at fighting than others? Why were the vikings superior? In today's animated educational and historical video? 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO...

Viking Flatbread Recipe

How to COOK CHICKEN like a VIKING! Ancient recipe

How to COOK CHICKEN like a VIKING! Ancient recipe. Simple, easy and delicious #stayhome #withme Every home cook needs a Cast Iron Skillet

How To Make A Viking Longboat - Primary School Year 4 by Finley Booth

I hope you enjoy my video on 'How to make a Model Viking Longboat'. Me and my Dad spent the whole weekend making this for a School Project and with a little ...

Viking ships | History - The Vikings

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. A look at various Viking boats and ships, how the Vikings navigated their way across the open sea to Iceland and beyond, and how...

Why Do Ships Float?

Ever wonder why something as heavy as a cruise ship could float above the water? Learn about displacement with Jessi and The Giant Squid, Squidstravaganza! -...

Making a Viking longboat - Primary school year 6 History project

Took 4 weekends and several afternoons/evenings to accomplish this project. Needed constant guidance, supervision and help - especially with the "ropes". I d...

Why the Vikings Disappeared

The Vikings were infamous in the Middle Ages for their raids against the coasts of Northern Europe. Their age however was quite brief in the span of time, on...